The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Unstoppable Success: How to FINALLY Create the Body, Business, and Lifestyle YOU WANT by TaVona Denise

TaVona Denise has put together a book utterly filled with nuggets of wisdom and encouragement, as well as out right boulders - action steps, goal setting, and mindful coaching.  

Taking us by the hand, TaVona tells her story of trying to achieve the body, business, and lifestyle she desired, but failing.  She confides in us, yet we notice that all the things she tried to achieve success are the exact same things we've tried, with the same results - despair and frustration.  

In this book, TaVona promises to show readers how she created "unstoppable success", introducing the habits and skills that make success possible, and even a natural by-product.

There is a lot of information here:
  • managing thoughts and emotions and their role in success
  • goal setting strategies and working with obstacles
  • making lasting changes
  • dealing with fear and overwhelm
  • continuing motivation throughout the process of change
  • and the differences and benefits of masterminds, mentors and coaches.
 When I met TaVona, I found her energy and resilience to be infectious, refreshing and quite savvy.  In this book, you will pick up on the energy and find that anyone can be "unstoppable".

I've seen this book in its many drafts and forms, and while obviously her first book, the content is above and beyond what can be found in any other small volume.  Knowledge gleaned from personal experience and amazing resources complete this work, keeping the reader engaged and encouraged.  

You can find more about TaVona Denise at

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I know and am friends with the author.  I also edited an earlier version of this work.  I am offering my fair and honest review.

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