The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"I want a girl who reads" by Mark Grist

"I want a girl who reads" by Mark Grist:
This has been called a "feminist anthem".  

Okay.  YES.  And the power of a story - the benefits of fiction - are also clearly stated.

"I want a girl who reads/
Who needs the written word/
And uses the added vocabulary/
She gleans from novels and poetry/
To hold lively conversations/
In a range of social situations"

This piece certainly challenges objectifying women, but it also proclaims the capacity fiction has to encourage growth.  Stories challenge us to become empathic with another's reality and glean from it lessons we may not learn in our own lives.  

Sometimes, fiction just cements the truths we already know.

It is a fun poem - spunky, brave, and amusing.  

It is an important poem - reading adds "passion, wit and dreams".

"And I am not saying I don't like those bits/
But what's more important/
What supersedes/
Is a girl with passion, wit and dreams/
So I'd like a girl who reads."

Stories create beauty.

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