The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


"Remember that writing things down makes them real; that it is nearly impossible to hate anyone whose story you know; and, most of all, that even in our post-postmodern era, writing has a moral purpose."

Andrew Solomon, The New Yorker

I am fascinated by this quote. 

*It is all right there in my journals.  Thirty years of them. My life.  The things that happened to me.  The things that did not.  Words - a feedback loop.  The dreams that gave me direction.  All of those words, those shapes created by dark lines and white spaces - they prove I am real.  

*I can honestly say that "hate" is not something I feel often or easily.  How can I?  Before me stands an enemy, but their story is utterly fascinating.  Either I have never experienced their plot or I have - and I get it.  I understand them too well.  To hate someone is to eschew curiosity or to hate myself.

*Words are still the medium of Truth.  Technology has increased our distance from intimacy but also given us connection through words to the most private thoughts and feelings of strangers.  Words still express meaning in a ever-widening world of apathy.

The story is enough: to show what is real, what is True, and the power of becoming.  


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