The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Monday, April 13, 2015

How I choose my next book...

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There are so many to choose from - books. 

And they all have stories inside.

How do I decide which one I want to read next?

I was a Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) volunteer for a number of years.  I connected books with the children who would love them best.  I talked about the stories, I read them snippets, I gave advice on how to pick a book and then I let them loose to choose their free book.

I taught them to choose books the way I do - with my five senses.

SIGHT - Do I like the cover?  The font?  The size of the type?  The color of the pages?  Is there artwork within the story?  Do I want the big, thick, LONG book, or do I need a light, thin one?  Are there lots of words, chapters?  Am I okay with that today?

SOUND - Do I like the sound of the title in my ears?  What about when I fan through the pages?  Is it a nice sound?

SMELL - How does this book smell?  If I am going to curl up into a ball and read it, will the smell make me happy or give me a headache?  

TOUCH - How does this book fit in my hands?  Do I want a hardcover?  A mass-market paperback or a trade paperback?  Do I like the feel of a glossy cover or a matte cover?  Can I take off the book jacket if I want to while reading?  Can I turn the pages easily enough?  How much give is there in the binding?  Can I keep it open comfortably?

TASTE - I am not going to put this book in my mouth, but is it my style?  Do I like this genre, author, reading level, story?  Will I enjoy reading this tale?  Did someone else like it before me?

And I do choose a book this way - based on cover, title, how it feels in my hands, the smell of the ink and paper, reviews...

After all, all books have stories.

Which one do I want to read next?

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