The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Today is TED day - Harry Baker

Harry Baker.

It's just fun to say his name.

It's even more to say it in a British accent.

It's the best to hear him say "Harry Baker".

Harry Baker is the 2012 World Poetry Slam Champion.  In this amazing TED talk, he shares why he chose to move from an expected career path and into the world of poetry. "I believe words hold power."

He talks about accepting a part of our Self: the powerful part that says we are unique, boxless, and we all have something important to do.

"If I didn't write my poems no one else would."

Harry Baker is engaging, witty, and a brilliant and contemporary poet.  He is creative and inspirational, honest and sensitive.

He tells his story of the world.  And it is enough.

Here's more Harry Baker:

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