The story is enough.

The story is enough.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Doris and the Ankh by B.K. Brain

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Doris and the Ankh

I usually do not read books written for children or young adults - especially fantasy.  

I have a hard time following fantastical creatures and plots that seem realistic, but suddenly twist and and turn into something very unreal.  Fantasy catches me off-guard.  It surprises me in a way that makes me feel duped.  I don't understand why the cricket is talking, why the wizard turns the boy into a squirrel, how a wardrobe a wardrobe can open into a magical land.  I do not speak a language from Middle Earth nor do I imagine myself coming in contact with Greek gods and goddesses.  I feel utterly lost in Oz.

But all disbelief was suspended for with Doris and the Ankh.  For me, the informing style of narration was a benefit.  I followed the events of the story without needing to go back again and again, questioning what just occurred.  I was able to become submerged in the dark and whimsical.

The imaginative story moves along at an efficient pace, leaving no room for boredom.  Dialogue is well-written and creative, and although Doris is stereotypical at times, the familiarity of archetype is like traveling with a friend. 

And with the formula of hero + 3 unique companions, humor and tragedy are a must.  Readers will find them here.

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